Check out DjOS, my new Raspberry Pi embedded software project currently in development.

This project will have desktop music management, library exporting to USB, support for DVS and MIDI controllers, and have 2-4 deck support.

There has been a very cool development with the PiDVS project. I will release details as soon as I am allowed…

PiDVS 2.0 – Sneak Peek!

Been working hard getting a v2.0 completed. Check out the progress so far….

Sam is graduating from The University of the West of England with a predicted first class degree in Broadcast Audio and Music Technology. He has over 5 years experience in managing live events, and has excellent sound and lighting engineering skills for the Students’ Union at UWE, and leads a team of event technicians to put on professional standard live events ranging from small scale Student Union club nights, all the way to Festivals.

Featured on DJWorx
Featured on DJTechTools

He has also produced the “PiDVS”a Raspberry Pi based Digital Vinyl System (DVS) that allows DJs to play digital music files from a USB using vinyl turntables without the need for a separate laptop.

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