A new Raspberry PI based DJ application for DVS and controller users.

DjOS Development

Any controller could be a standalone controller with DjOS software embedded on it.

Any DJ mixer with a sound card could be an embedded DVS decoder mixer.


Based on the experience gained from developing PiDVS, I am now starting a new linux embedded DJ application geared towards DVS and controller based DJs.

Planned features:

  • Full desktop music management application to allow DJs to organise their music collection, create folders and playlists, and perform offline track analysis and editing.
  • Exporting of libraries to USB drives in XML format.
  • Support for any MIDI controller through custom mappings.
  • Full DVS support.
  • Pad performance and audio effects, EQ and master tempo.
  • 2 deck support.

Potential applications:

  • DJ mixers with built in sound cards can be used as DVS sound cards for CDJs without MIDI/HID support, or for turntables. You wouldn’t need to swap out turntable audio cabling; simply connect the DjOS software to the mixer USB and have full DVS support without the need for a separate laptop.
  • DJ controllers would not require bulky laptops to operate them. Simply connect DjOS with your custom mapping and use the controller in (almost) standalone mode.


I am hoping to have a working prototype by early 2018.