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“If ever there was a commercially viable product, it’s this” – DJWORX

PiDVS – A Raspberry Pi based DVS alternative

“This is easily one of the most complete and well-done projects of its kind we’ve seen” – DJTechTools

PiDVS: What If DJs Using DVS Didn’t Need Laptops?

PiDVS is a Raspberry Pi based Digital Vinyl System (DVS) that allows DJs to manipulate the playback of digital music files from a USB drive using a conventional vinyl turntable. 

PiDVS is a dissertation project examining the user experience of existing DJ hardware and software solutions from which an embedded software application was developed.

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  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Audio Injector sound card
  • Official 7″ Raspberry Pi touchscreen
  • Custom 3D printed legs


  • Low latency – 0.7 ms
  • Cue points
  • Loops
  • Beatgrid, and ability to share beat grid information over a network.
  • MIDI compatible.
  • Wow & Flutter correction.
  • BPM and key analysis.
  • Full file metadata support, including artwork.
  • Search

The software was developed using C++ and the cross-platform framework JUCE. The user interface was designed using a user centric iterative design process and was refined through a user testing process.

User Manual


Dissertation – Details the development process of PiDVS